Collapse Commentary Including Self

I stunning remodeled from Boost. The simplest characteristic I if truth be told miss is the habits of collapsing comments.
Your whole comment chain would give procedure, including the comment you tapped on.
It collapsed to a single line featuring the person name, rep, and minute one comment amount badge.
In my belief, this made navigating comments valuable extra fulfilling.

If I vital to skip a lengthy comment, I stunning tapped on it once and it disappeared. In Relay, I serene must scroll through the guardian comment, and it serene occupies screen screen valid estate and distracts the search.
I’m not particular I realize the coolest thing about Relay’s implementation.

Make you guys find it irresistible the fashion it’s?
Devs: I will admire you with out end within the event you’d add this as an option. Thanks for your consideration..


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