Greek proptech startup Prosperty secures €1.1 M

Greek proptech startup Prosperty secures €1.1 M

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Investors showed have confidence in Prosperty , the pioneering on-line platform that promises to alternate the method folks take and promote property, by providing total innovative digital solutions and job automation alongside with transparency and professionalism at competitive charges. Prosperty secured €1.1 M seed funding from the Funds “Velocity.Partners” and “Metavallon” as effectively as from angel patrons.
“Over the old few years, the property market in Greece and in diversified associated nations is increasing and attracting patrons. On the opposite hand, in spite of the blooming market, buying for, promoting and renting property comes with difficult and time-moving procedures with nearly no technology applied. This ends in an total downhearted journey for these alive to.

Prosperty addresses the technological stagnation of the particular estate market by launching an innovative platform, The platform makes a distinction by providing an journey based on legitimate data, affluent suppose, transparency, effectivity and digitization.

It develops stylish technologies and datasets to make transactions easier, to stable have confidence between these fascinated with a property promoting, to upgrade their journey and to eventually enhance the market as a total.
We’re extraordinarily blissful and proud that necessary patrons identified the innovation and prospect in our venture and showed us have confidence to put in force it in Greece and in a single other country”. Prosperty CEO, Antonis Markopoulos stated
Having secured seed funding, the Firm is set to delivery the platform on which a nice sequence of properties will steadily be on hand for take or hire.
Prosperty co-founders, Antonis Markopoulos, Nikos Patsiogiannis and Antonis Despotakis talk about an fully original integrated and legitimate journey in right estate administration, with handiest fully audited property on hand, 3d assisted presentations and digital tours, digitalization of property identification paperwork and on-line services and products concerning technical, factual and notary procedures required for the completion of property promoting and renting.

As well to, the platform provides beefy promotional services and products making the properties listed effectively visible in both Greece and in a single other country to both internal most patrons and patrons.
“Prosperty fulfils all of our criteria when deciding funding in a original venture.

Very ideal crew, distinct commercial focal point, exploitation of technology and activation in a remodeling market that creates original thrilling opportunities. Significantly in the post-COVID-19 era, the Prosperty platform makes a nice instrument for both sellers and patrons allowing them to position up on-line most, if now not all, of the steps required in buying for/promoting property, without any physical contact. As well to, its network of partnerships that are constantly expanding makes easier the hyperlink between readily on hand property and foreign patrons that be taught about to take a property thru a one-terminate-store job.” Achilleas Petropoulos, Working Partner at Velocity.

Partners stated
“Our involvement in really apt some of the greatest seed financing rounds for an fully Greek startup demonstrates our have confidence in the imaginative and prescient and capacity of the Prosperty crew to manual the building of the particular estate sector in Greece.

The fully digitalized job on the Prosperty platform provides householders the ability to fresh their properties in the utmost skilled formulation and to barter at as soon as with prospective patrons and renters, in beefy transparency, to reach the finest likely deal in critically less time when when put next with present market standards.
The digital transformation that is currently changing Greece will befriend in validating Property’s commercial mannequin, opening the method for its hasty expansion to foreign markets as early as in 2021’’. Mr.

Giorgos Mousmoulas, Partner at Metavallon VC, stated Portion this!.


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